Dr Catherine Anscombe

Dr Catherine Anscombe PhD

Post-doctoral Researcher
Clinical Scientist

Dr Anscombe completed her BSc (Hons) in Biology at the Univerity of York (UK) in 2009, majoring in cellular and modluar biology, She then went on to train as a Clinical Scientist (Microbiology) for the NHS, during which time she completed a MSc in Clinical Microbiology at Queen Mary University London. During this time she specialised in improving diagnosis of infectious diseases using molecular methods. Subsequently, she undertook a PhD investigating the use of highly sensitive methods for diagnosis of infectious diseases using next generation sequencing, which was completed at Public Health England and awarded by Queen Mary University London. Her first postdocotoral position was as a clinical scientist in the Enteric Virus Unit at Public Health England, where she contributed to improving molecular assays, and devloped molecular methods for the UK Polio Surviellnce project.
Since September 2016 Dr Anscombe has work as a postdoctoral researcher in the Emerging Group at OUCRU. Here her work focusses on devleoping bioinformatic analysis pipelines to detect pathogens in sterile sites using metagenomic sequencing methods. Her research aims to improve our understanding of the aetiology of infectious diseases, particularly life threatening diseases such as sepsis and central nervous system infections.

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