Vo Thi Long


Vo Thi Long



Head of Insectary



Ms Vo Thi Long graduated from nursing school at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in 1977 and received a BSc of Biology at the University of Natural Science in 1989  She attended a training course at the Institute of Medical Research, Malaysia in 2000 and obtained the Diploma for Applying Parasitology and Entomology (DAP & E). She has worked with the Dengue group – OUCRU HCMC since 2008 as an entomologist. Long is involved in all OUCRU studies on mosquito vector competence (wild-type and Wolbachia-infected mosquitoes) and human-to-mosquito transmission of dengue. As Head of the Insectary Lab, she is responsible for managing and developing the capacity of junior staff.


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