Capacity Building For Health Professionals

Enhance the communication capacity of health care workers to improve care and health outcome of patients and communities.


Health care workers (HCWs) often work in a challenging and stressful environment. Many of the complaints against HCWs relate to poor communication, and much of the stress and anxiety felt by health professionals is reportedly due to difficulties in dealing with patients and their families. HCWs may not have the skills or time to communicate well with patients or communities.

To address these issues the OUCRU PE Capacity Building Programme was developed in collaboration the Hospital of Tropical Disease (HTD) in Ho Chi Minh city and the Preventive Medical Centre (PMC) in Daklak province. Through this programme the OUCRU PE team aims to support local government organizations involved in health care, to develop the communication capacity of their staff to enable them to excel in their work, reduce their stress and effectively help patients or communities.

Aims Of The Capacity Building

  • HCWs have better communication skills to deal with complex situation and support patients and their families, or rural communities.
  • HCWs are better able to share health information with patients/communities.
  • HCWs are better supported to prevent or alleviate their own stress and anxiety.

What we do

Needs assessment

In 2016 we conducted a needs assessment through a survey of over 600 HCWs, interviews, focus groups and observations to feed into the design of a 2-year training programme to support these staff.


  • Workshops and trainings on the following topics: Stress and burnout; Effective communication; Management and leadership skills; Empathy in patients’ care, Health education.
  • Interactive Theatre: Exploring moments of tension in HCW/patient interactions; practising communication skills and promoting empathy.
  • Development of patient information material – to support patients after discharge;
  • Development of soft skills training material for HCWs – held on a website and training of trainers.
  • The establishment, training and support of a new Social Work Department at HTD.


  • 83/85  Ward head doctors and nurses attended management& leadership skills training.
  • 64/70  HCWs participated in forum theatre.
  • 44/54  Social workers attended medical social work training.
  • 8/10  Nurses attended thereapeutic communication skills training.