Freelance Graphic Designer 


The Oxford University Clinical Research Unit (OUCRU) is a large-scale clinical and public health research unit with site offices in Viet Nam, Indonesia, and Nepal. 

Our organisation comprises a diverse array of research, training, and research support departments, each with specialised needs that contribute to our overarching mission of combating infectious diseases through innovative research. These departments have an increasing need to create creative designs and materials for a wide range of audiences, including our funders, partners, research participants, and the wider public.  

*Please note that this is a freelance, remote work position.

Scope of Work 

We are seeking a talented and creative freelance designer to develop a range of engaging and informative communication materials that effectively convey our work and our brand to our target audiences.  

The designer will be responsible for the creation of: 

Events Posters, flyers, branded merchandise, and other promotional materials 
Research Projects Infographics, flyers for research participants, presentations and posters for conferences, reports for funders  
Training Posters and flyers for training events 
Communication Annual reports, branded merchandise, templates  
Public and Community Engagement Animation, video editing 
Project branding Logos and branding for individual projects 

Design Requirements 

  • Brand Consistency: All materials must adhere to OUCRU’s brand guidelines, including the use of logo, color palette, and typography. 
  • Clarity: Designs must present complex information in a clear and accessible manner suitable for a diverse audience with varying levels of scientific understanding. 
  • Accessibility: Materials should be easily understandable and include considerations for those with visual impairments (adequate contrast, legible fonts, alt text for images). 
  • Digital and Print: Designs will be used in both digital and print formats; the designer should be able to optimize for both. 
  • Languages: The designs will be primarily in English, although in some instances the designs will need to be localised into Vietnamese, Indonesian, and Nepali. Ideally, the designer needs to have a basic understanding of at least two of these languages.  
  • A working understanding of AI is preferred.  


For each project, the following deliverables are expected: 

  • Concept mock-ups for initial review and feedback 
  • Final design files in editable formats (e.g., .ai, .psd, .indd) 
  • Print-ready files (e.g., .pdf with appropriate bleed and crop marks) 
  • Web-optimized files (e.g., .jpg, .png) 


This is a one-year freelance contract. The designer will be briefed on individual projects throughout the year, with timelines ranging from one week to two months, depending on the complexity of the project. 

The expected time commitment is up to 15 hours/week during busy months (Mar – May & Sep – Nov) and up to 5 hours/week during slower months (Jun – Aug and Dec – Feb).

How to Apply  

Please send us:  

  • Your updated CV and portfolio of work  
  • Standard rates for the above services. Include a retainer fee and project-based fees (if applicable). Also, outline any additional costs that may apply (e.g., stock imagery).  


Deadline: April 29, 2024   

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