Partnership and collaboration are powerful and necessary tools in developing global health research. We have a number of significant partnerships, collaborations, research links and friendships both within Vietnam and internationally. The success of our existing partnerships is based on a combination of synergy and mutual respect.  Our criteria for partnership are simple: we are keen to work with the best individuals and best institutions both nationally and internationally.

Below, we highlight some of our most important partnerships.


The Hospital for Tropical Diseases

The Hospital for Tropical Diseases (HTD) is our founding partner and hosts our Ho Chi Minh City campus.  HTD is the referral hospital for infectious diseases for the south of the country (catchment population 38 million people) and under the direction of the Ministry of Health Viet Nam (MoH). The research collaboration was originally located in a renovated old leprosy ward but has evolved over the last seventeen years with the building (funded exclusively by the Vietnamese Government) of a dedicated Institute for Clinical Research (where OUCRU resides) in the grounds of the hospital. We are particularly proud that the Vietnamese Government choose to finance this Institute and we believe this significant financial investment by Viet Nam is a very practical demonstration of the value that the government places on the collaboration and the importance of our work to the country.

The clinical research building at HTD where OUCRU HCMC is housed.

The clinical research building at HTD where OUCRU HCMC is housed.


National Hospital for Tropical Diseases

Based in Hanoi, the National Hospital for Tropical Diseases is the host of our OUCRU Hanoi office.
NHTD is a 170-bed adult infectious disease hospital that every year treats more than 4000 in-patients suffering from a diverse range of infections. It is an MoH-designated tertiary referral centre for H5N1 cases and is a major centre for the care and treatment of people living with HIV. The Institute has strong links with Hanoi Medical University and is a centre for training of undergraduates, MSc and PhD students. NHTD is intimately associated with the MoH and NHTD staff members are frequently called upon to provide expert guidance to the MoH in the development of clinical policies and protocols.


Patan Academy of Health Sciences

Patan Academy of Health Sciences is our host and partner in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Patan Academy of Health Sciences (PAHS), is a medical university that provides medical training with a focus on rural health. PAHS is the only medical university in Nepal that offers a dedicated medical research unit. PAHS is linked with Patan Hospital, a major acute care city hospital providing both primary care as well as specialty services both to the local city population as well to patients from diverse geographic areas within Nepal. More than 300,000 people come to the hospital every year for healthcare service and treatment and the hospital now has more than 450 beds.

The Eijkman Institute

The Eijkman Institute is a non-profit, government funded research institute molecular cell biology research institute, which focuses on problems of human and medical genetics, infectious diseases of the tropics, and biomolecular engineering. The institute is located at the heart of Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia and operates under the auspices of the Indonesian Minister for Research and Technology. OUCRU Nepal is proud to have the Eijkman Institute as our host and partner.