OUCRU-NP is hosted by Patan Hospital and the Patan Academy of Health Sciences in Kathmandu, Nepal and works in close collaboration with the Nepal Health Research Council at the Nepalese Ministry of Health and Population. Our mission is to build a strong critical mass of young Nepalese clinicians and scientists who can help build the scientific and clinical future of Nepal.

Since 2003, the research collaboration has evolved and OUCRU-NP has become a respected and integral part of not just the hospital l but also of the surrounding population of the hospital where most of the research and public health initiatives are undertaken. Their main research focus has been on the most common infectious diseases affecting patients presenting to Patan Hospital from the surrounding areas of Lalitpur within the Kathmandu valley. They have a major focus on enteric fever (Typhoid and Paratyphoid) and other causes of febrile illness including typhus, infections of the central nervous system and Hepatitis E. Their plan in the future is to expand this work to include Tuberculosis, viral causes of pneumonia, emerging illnesses and other public health priorities in Nepal.