Optimising use of routine surveillance data to investigate vaccine effectiveness on covid-19 severity and mortality in adults diagnosed with COVID-19 in Jakarta, Indonesia: A retrospective cohort study

PI: Henry Surendra
Collaborators: Jakarta Health Office
Study location: Jakarta, Indonesia

Real-world effectiveness studies are important for monitoring performance of COVID-19 vaccination programmes and informing COVID-19 prevention and control policies. To our knowleldge, there was no study assessing the real world vaccine effectivenes against COVID-19 severity and mortality in Jakarta, Indonesia that has been done to date.

This study aims to assess the real world COVID-19 vaccine affectiveness agains severety and mortality in adults diagnosed with COVID-19 during the first 7 months of vaccine rollout (January 15 2021 to Augst 7 2021).

This retrospective cohort included all individuals aged ≥18 years old with PCR-confirmed COVID-19 in Jakarta, Indonesia. We extracted demographic, and clinical data available from the Jakarta Health Office record and linked the individuals with vaccination status recorded in the Jakarta Health Office Vaccine Registration. We calculated the adjusted odds ratio and vaccine effectiveness against severity and mortality among the PCR-confirmed adults population. The vaccine effectiveness will be reported as (1-odds ratio) and their 95% confidence interval. The vaccine affectivenes will be adjusted by age, sex, days since fully vaccinated to test, and known comorbidity.

This sudy will be the first study utilising routine surveillance data to povide information of the real world vaccine effectivenest against COVID-19 severity and mortality in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Outputs to date
Data have been collected and analysis is ongoing.