Full titlePrognostication of Oxygen Requirement in non-severe SARS-CoV-2 respiratory infection (PRIORITY)

Funder: OUCRU (Wellcome funding)

Principal Investigator: Sakib Burza (MSF Spain)

OUCRU Co-Investigator: Sophie Yacoub

Research question

In adults presenting to care with non-severe COVID-19, can subsequent need for oxygen be predicted from parameters measured at the time of arrival at a healthcare facility?


  1. To identify clinical and biochemical prognostic markers in adults with non-severe COVID-19, with a focus on:
    • Aiding safe discharge from a healthcare facility (i.e. a high NPV);
    • Near-term impact on COVID-19 interventions in a resource-limited setting (i.e. simple demographic variables and biochemical markers for which near-patient / POCTs are commercially available or in late-stage development).
  2. To determine the ability of an LMIC-friendly point-of-care or near-patient prognostic test to predict subsequent oxygen requirement in adults with non-severe COVID-19.
  3. To demonstrate that operational research can be conducted ethically and effectively in the context of a pandemic in a resource-limited setting without detracting from the emergency response.