Prof. H Rogier van Doorn


Prof H Rogier van Doorn, MD PhD.

MD – Consultant Clinical Microbiology and Virology, Amsterdam University Medical Centers location Academic Medical Center, Amsterdam (NL), Faculty of Medicine, 1990-1998 2003-2007.

Registrations: RIBIZ (NL) 69052473801, GMC (UK) 6168758.

PhD – University of Amsterdam (NL), Faculty of Medicine, Amsterdam University Medical Centers location Academic Medical Center, Department of Medical Microbiology, 1999-2005.

MSc – Medical Biology, University of Amsterdam (NL), Faculty of Biology, 1994-1996



Director of OUCRU Hanoi



Rogier is a Clinical Microbiologist from the Netherlands who has worked at OUCRU Ho Chi Minh City from 2007-2015 and now leads the OUCRU Hanoi unit, hosted by the National Hospital of Tropical Diseases.

As head of the virology lab for the Southeast Asian Infectious Disease Clinical Research Network he has led analysis of several diagnostic and intervention studies on human influenza, developed diagnostic lab capacity in local hospitals and a BSL3/SAPO4 facility at OUCRU. He has worked on diagnostics, preparedness and clinical research of emerging infections, and set up and led a multidisciplinary research programme on Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease.

In Hanoi, based at the National Hospital for Tropical Diseases, Rogier leads a research programme on antimicrobial resistance covering the spectrum from laboratory detection of resistance mechanisms, pathogen whole genome sequencing, implementation research, public and policy engagement.

OUCRU Hanoi has established a network of 16 hospitals for surveillance of antimicrobial consumption and resistance. This network was supported further as part of the Fleming Fund pilot and has been adopted by the Ministry of Health as the National AMR surveillance network. A reference laboratory for AMR was established at the National Hospital for Tropical Diseases in the same pilot. Rogier is leading a number of implementation studies of quality standards, AMR surveillance improvement and antimicrobial stewardship.

Together with the National Insititute of Hygiene and Epidemiology, OUCRU Hanoi conducts studies on influenza epidemiology and antimicrobial resistance in the longest active unvaccinated influenza cohort in a semirural community south of Hanoi.



On 23 May 2019 Rogier has published 126 original research papers in PubMED indexed journals, more than 100 affiliated with OUCRU.


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