Dr Julie Huynh


Dr Julie Huynh (FRACP, Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery, B.Biomed Sci, PGDip Paediatric Infectious Diseases)




TB research fellow

Clinical Research Paediatrician

Paediatric Infectious Diseases Physician



Dr Julie Huynh joined the OUCRU-HCMC in August 2019 as a Tuberculosis Research Fellow. She is the project manager for the SURE trial: a randomised controlled trial on shortened intensified anti-tuberculous therapy and adjuvant aspirin in African and Asian children with tuberculous meningitis. She is currently completing her PhD studies on improving the diagnosis and outcomes in children with tuberculous meningitis.

She is a Paediatrician who completed her infectious diseases training at The Children’s Hospital Westmead and Sydney Children’s Hospital in Sydney Australia.



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