April 24, 2013

Exchanges at the Frontier with Jeremy Farrar

What happens when a philosopher interviews a scientist about their work? On November 22nd, our Director, Jeremy Farrar found out he was interviewed by philosopher AC Grayling and a public audience about our work in a medical research unit in Southeast Asia.

Jeremy talked about the Hospital and Unit’s groundbreaking work on a number of emerging infection

s including Avian influenza and more recently the Influenza pandemic of 2009 and the value of working together with a centre of gravity based firmly in Viet Nam.

The interview was part of the Exchanges at the Frontier Series a partnership between the Wellcome Collection the BBC World Service.

An edited recording of this event will be broadcast in early 2013 on the BBC World Service to a global audience of 40 million people. We will put a link to the show here on our website after it has been broadcast, so you can tune in at home.





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