Prof Jeremy Day


Dr Jeremy Day, MA MB BChir DTM&H PhD FRCP.



Head, CNS and HIV Infections Research Group.
Wellcome Trust Intermediate Clinical Fellow.



Jeremy has been in Viet Nam since 2003 running and developing a clinical and basic science research programme in central nervous system infections, opportunistic infections and HIV. The work of the group encompasses bacterial meningitis, tuberculous meningitis, encephalitis, cryptococcal disease, penicilliosis and HIV as a primary CNS pathogen, and has contributed to international guidelines on disease management. Jeremy’s particular interest is cryptococcal disease in both HIV infected and uninfected patients. Research is based around large multicentre trials recruiting across Asia and Africa; in addition to improving treatment, his work focusses on better understanding the ecology of C. neoformans and the determinants of its pathogenicity.



Dr Day has published more than 40 articles in international journals. Key publications are listed below:

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