Post-doc society

The OUCRU post-doc society (post-doc-soc) is dedicated to improving the experience of scientists carrying out post-doctoral research at OUCRU. We organise events such as:

  • Two day writing retreats, away from the office
  • CV workshops
  • Round table discussions on e.g. time management, research skills, etc.
  • Q&A sessions with group leaders on e.g. managing people, grant writing, etc.
  • Social dinners to get to know each other outside a work context

Founded in 2017, the post-doc-soc is a valuable forum for OUCRU post-docs to learn from each other and to interact with Unit leadership in a coherent way, ensuring that consideration is given to the requirements of scientists at this decisive time of their careers.

For more information, email Philip Ashton (pashton at oucru dot org).