Community events to mark World Antimicrobial Awareness Week (WAAW) in Nepal


Every year since 2016

Each November events take place around the world to raise awareness of AMR. OUCRU Nepal has been organising events for this since 2016. To mark the WAAW, OUCRU Nepal organizes several activities each year to inform, aware and discuss on this matter.

Key Milestones / Activities

2016 – 2017

We organised essay competitions and poster competitions among the medical students of Patan Academy of Health Sciences (PAHS), Lalitpur.


A poster competition between the medical students of PAHS and the staff of OUCRU Nepal was conducted. Additionally, a focus group discussion with community members was held in coordination with Godavari and Badikhel communities. Similarly, an inter-college quiz competition and interactive session on AMR with the staff of OUCRU Nepal was done in the same year to celebrate WAAW. 


We extended our engagement events to several colleges inside Kathmandu Valley and organised an essay competition among health science students. A cycle rally was also organised in the same year that was attended by around 100 people.


Events like the AMR story-telling competition and slogan competition were conducted among the staff of OUCRU Nepal.  


Aligning with the theme of WAAW 2021, we adapted the “Go Blue”, campaign and organised engagement activities like a poster competition, and tea-talk sessions on AMR in Lele municipality, and showcased the personal AMR stories that were developed in the WAAW 2020.  

From 2021, we started digital engagement for WAAW where we designed flyers on AMR to raise awareness, and graffiti display of the role an individual can play to combat the issue of AMR.


WAAW 2022 was celebrated digitally and through the involvement of students, healthcare professionals, researchers and community people in coordination with Alliance against AMR and Yuwalaya.

WAAW 2022 started with AMR movie screening in two medical schools of Kathmandu valley.

A doodle competition was also organized that received a positive response from everyone.

In coordination with Alliance against AMR, we also organised a meme competition to raise awareness of AMR among the youths.

A ‘flash-mob’ on handwashing was organised in the busy street of Lalitpur to mark WAAW 2022.

After receiving a positive response for cycle rally in 2019, cycle rally was again a part of WAAW celebration in 2022.

For the staffs of OUCRU Nepal, we also organized an “I am an AMR change-maker” email chain where the staff were encouraged to write something they would do to tackle the issue of AMR.  For WAAW 2022, we continued our tea-talk session with the students of pharmacy from a college of Kathmandu district.

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