Art in Global Health

‘Art in Global Health’ was a Wellcome Trust initiative.

The project aimed to set up artist residencies in the Wellcome Trust-funded research centres as a way of teasing out some of the more personal, philosophical, cultural, and political dimensions of health research.

Lena Bui, an artist based in Ho Chi Minh City, did her residency with OUCRU-HCMC in 2012. While in residence, Lena explored zoonosis research and the relationship between animals and people. She visited rural farming areas where researchers are investigating the human-animal interface of ‘high-risk cohorts’ – people with high levels of occupational exposure to animals (farmers, animal traders, abattoir,s and market workers). She also travelled further afield, visiting small villages with long histories of economies based on harvesting bird feathers. The outcomes of her residency included an exhibition at Ho Chi Minh City Fine Arts Museum in partnership with San Art in November 2012.

Key Milestones / Activities


Art Meets Science

On 11th October 2012 OUCRU-HCMC hosted a unique evening of contemporary art and science. The programme opened with a short video art screening of three films by international artists Jeremy Deller; Phillipe Warnell (with Jean-Luc Nancy); Helen Pynor and Peta Clancy. This was followed by presentations by celebrated visual artist Maria Fernanda Cardoso (Colombia/Australia) and research scientist Dr Tran Nguyen Bich Chau (Vietnam) who shared their ongoing work and research to reveal how the fields of art and science can be interwoven. An informal discussion and audience Q&A were held.




Lena Bui

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