Youth Science Ambassadors

Empowering the youth with the mindset and skills for them to implement public engagement projects in their own communities.

Youth has the passion and the energy for public engagement, but lack the mindset, skill, understanding, and professional support to execute their ideas. The Youth Science Ambassadors project aims to equip the ambassadors with what they lack. 

The direct audiences are the 7 ambassadors of this term. The ambassadors are reached through online recruitment, based on the partnership with universities. The indirect audiences are the participants of the projects implemented by the ambassadors. These audiences are the communities close to the ambassadors, so they can be reached through both online and offline communication. 


Health Podcasts

A series of podcasts facilitated by the Ambassadors featuring conversations between youth and experts to support the mental health of Vietnamese young people in the time of Covid19 and social isolation.

Watch 4 podcasts about The new normal life and youth health here

Collab Lab

Led by Youth Science Ambassadors (YSA), every week, the ambassadors produced a short explanation video about a specific health topic. The team worked with several scientists at OUCRU and other research settings to understand and visualise the research outputs.

At the end of the project, the team organised a special event, inviting young people who loved science, and 5 scientists from OUCRU and our partners. ‘Meet the Scientists‘ had several knowledge interactive games and exciting exchanges that impressed participants strongly.

Read more about Collab Lab and watch all episodes here.



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Youth Ambassadors

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