December 21, 2020

Pearl Gan, OUCRU Photographer in Residence, selected for the Lancet Highlights 2020

Congratulations to Pearl Gan, OUCRU Photographer in Residence, for her winning image selected for the Lancet Highlights 2020: Framing Health Stories.
Despite the difficulties of this pandemic year, The Lancet received fascinating and varied entries for our Highlights 2020 photography competition. 15 striking photographs were selected. Each picture captures a unique moment, highlighting a health story.

Pearl’s photograph – ‘Combating malaria with long-lasting insecticidal nets’ portrays a woman, Manu, attending a long-lasting insecticidal net (LLIN) event in her local village in remote Cambodia. Many of the local people in her village work in the forests and have had malaria sometime in their lives. The villagers know the importance of LLINs for the prevention of mosquito-borne disease. In Cambodia, the nationwide LLIN programme was initiated to ensure these nets are distributed to local communities, such as farms and plantations in malaria-endemic zones, as identified by local district and health-centre staff. In these communities, the provision of LLINs matters because they can help save lives.

Combating malaria with long-lasting insecticidal nets,
Pearl Gan
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