About Public Engagement

Oxford University Clinical Research Unit is at the leading edge of applied clinical research. Along with the development of sciences and technologies in the region, there is an urgent need for a better understanding and communication of science and health issues in the social, cultural and historical context of our research communities in Vietnam, Nepal and regionally. In this light, the OUCRU Public Engagement team works to strength research partnerships by bringing communities and scientists together.

Our aims are twofold: firstly to involve the local communities in our research to generate dialogue between researchers and the public, and to improveour understanding of their motivations and perceptions.

Secondly to develop initiatives which will bring science to the forefront of people minds in an engaging and entertaining way, such as through science theatre productions, lively debate and informed media writing.

Sharing knowledge will help to develop an understanding of the value and need for scientific research, encouraging young people to pursue careers in science and enabling people to observe the world in a different light. The engagement activities are supported by Wellcome Trust International Engagement Awards, but we have also received generous corporate funding from companies based in HCMC. We partner with the local government Department of Health Education and Communication (T4G) for each project, and receive support from The Hospital for Tropical Diseases, HCMC.