August 3, 2020

Interview with Dr. Dung from OUCRU Hanoi

In this new episode of ‘Coffee Break Talk’, we have the show takeover by our colleague from the capital. We have a new lovely MC from Hanoi – Ms. Giao. She is taking the role of interviewer handled by Katrina in previous episodes. Ms. Giao is interviewing her colleague in OUCRU Hanoi – Dr. Dung – a newly Ph.D. awarded researcher. The show starts with Dr. Dung talking about his PhD thesis: what is his subject and how his work can help the government and public health system can handle the issue of AMR. In the second part of the interview, Ms. Giao asked Dr. Dung for some of his experiences along the journey and what is his advice for PhD students including herself. Besides keeping a strong mentality, he believes physical strength is equally important during the time he was doing his thesis. Running and hiking are two of the activities that he frequently exercised. Another advice that he gave is ‘don’t be too polite’. What does he mean? Find out more of his advice in this new episode in this LINK.

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