June 1, 2018

Old drug, new role – eLife podcast

We recently reported the exciting findings published in eLife, from a phase II clinical trial led by Professor Guy Thwaites which showed that aspirin help increase survival from TB meningitis by reducing brain inflammation and preventing the disease from blocking blood vessels in the brain that cause parts of the brain to die (commonly called ‘stroke’).

With funding from the Wellcome Trust, OUCRU researchers  investigated whether the addition of aspirin at low (81mg/day) or high (1000mg/day) dose, or placebo, to the first 60 days of current standard TB meningitis treatment (anti-TB drugs and steroids) was safe and reduced new strokes or death from this severe disease.

Professor Thwaites was recently interviewed about this work for the eLife podcast, and you can listen that interview here: eLife podcast

eLife have also published an insight article, which discusses this study and its results, available online here.


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