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Winahyu Handayani

Clinical Trial Data Assistant

Winahyu plays a vital role in the Clinical Trial Unit in overseeing data entry, conducting quality checks, generating queries, delivering training, compiling reports, and providing data visualizations.

With a degree in statistics from Universitas Diponegoro, Winahyu began her career at OUCRU Indonesia as a data entry clerk for the INSPECTOR project from 2018 to 2019. She then progressed to the role of Clinical Trial Data Assistant, contributing to several malaria projects, such as SSAT, SEROLOGY, PRIMA, and COVID-19 projects, including COPCOV, INVITE, and SCOVEX. Currently, she is part of the INTERACT HIV and IDSPZV1 Malaria Vaccine projects.

Her research interests encompass clinical research, statistics, data analysis and data visualization.



Currently serves a Clinical Trial Assistant at OUCRU Indonesia


Promoted to becoming Data Entry Specialist


Joined OUCRU Indonesia as a Site Data Entry clerk for the INSPECTOR project


Bachelor of Science in Statistics, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science, Diponegoro University, Semarang, Indonesia


Robert Sinto, Dwi Utomo; Suwarti; Erni J Nelwan, Henry Surendra, Cindy Natasha; Fransiska; Deborah Theresia, Adella Faiqa Ranitria, Decy Subekti, Nunung Nuraeni, Winahyu Handayani, Mutia Rahardjani, J Kevin Baird, Susanna Dunachie, Anuraj H Shankar, Raph L Hamers
Am J Trop Med Hyg
November 30, 2022
DOI: 10.4269/ajtmh.22-0256


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