Yuki Yusman Rachmat

Yuki Yusman Rachmat

Training Officer

Yuki is a professional in Learning & Development. On the side, he is also a clinical hypnotherapist with a deep passion for mental health care.

Yuki, formerly a school music teacher driven by a passion for teaching, transitioned into adult training and development in recent years.

Recently, Yuki served as a Training & Innovation (Continuous Improvement) Supervisor for a cooperative group in Korea and Indonesia, spanning 40 subsidiaries. Now at OUCRU Indonesia, Yuki holds the position of Training Officer, where he is actively involved in developing and overseeing the training system.

Yuki remains a passionate advocate of mental health care and is a certified clinical hypnotherapist.



Joined OUCRU as Training Officer


Embarked on a career in training and development with diverse roles in several reputable organizations, including the Korindo Group


Delved into the world of clinical hypnotherapy


Graduated from Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia with a Bachelor of Education in Music Pedagogy



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