Core Outcome Set for Dengue Clinical Trials (DEN-CORE)

The Den-core project is an international consensus study to develop a standartised set of outcomes – a ‘core outcome set’ (COS) – to be used by all future dengue treatment trials.


There is currently no effective treatment for dengue and severe dengue that cause significant morbidity and mortality worldwide. We are working with partners to plan new clinical trials that address this pressing issue

To date, dengue research has been based on heterogeneous outcomes measures which have prevented the comparison of results across different studies and limited the impact of the evidence generated.

By incorporating input from a broad range of stakeholders, including patient groups, health professionals and researchers, a core outcome set will ensure that research is both relevant and patient-centred, resulting in better informed clinical and policy decisions on a global scale. The core outcome set will also anchor the development of target product profiles for new therapeutic agents to treat Dengue.

About the Project

The Den-core team was formed in 2023 to develop a Core Outcome Set (COS) for use in dengue research with input from patient representatives, health professionals, psychologists, researchers, methodologists, epidemiologists, journal editors, industry, policy makers, and regulators.

Together, this range of stakeholders will develop a consistent framework for outcome selection and reporting. The COS will contribute to improved research quality, data comparability, and evidence synthesis, ultimately facilitating the development of effective interventions and evidence-based clinical practice.

Key Objectives

  • Defining the scope and applicability of Core Outcome Sets for dengue
  • Creating Core Outcome Sets and measurement tools to improve dengue research
  • Achieving consensus on terminology and definitions for measurement instruments related to dengue Core Outcomes


Key Milestones / Activities



Anna-Aigun Mursalova

Anna-Aigun Mursalova

Laura Merson

Associate Professor Laura Merson

Anastasiia Demidova

Dr Anastasiia Demidova

Dr Munblit

Dr Daniel Munblit

Xin Hui Chan

Dr Xin Hui Chan

King’s College London

King’s College London

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