“What my COVID-19 tests results say?”, A practical guide for Indonesian communities

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This project aimed to provide the Indonesian community with reliable, accessible, and shareable information that was easy to understand about the different types of COVID-19 tests. This was provided via an educational video using a short-animated style (8 minutes) in simple Indonesian language which could be shared via social media platforms. We also included three local dialects that were most used and easy to be understood by Indonesian communities.

Two main objectives of this project were:

  • to produce a short animated video using Bahasa Indonesia explaining the different types of COVID-19 tests
  • to share the video using social media platforms.

The project outputs included a short-animated video, with a recorded number of video postings and views, and the results of a community survey.

The most important lesson learned from this project was that besides collaboration with the health experts, it is important to collaborate and brainstorm ideas with people from the media (social media and television) to create informative, engaging, and fun health education content to attract the attention of the broader community.

The expectation was that the video can reach even more people, providing reliable information to broader Indonesian communities. The future expectation is to be able to create more videos using the same characters to discuss various health issues in a fun and informative way.

Key Milestones / Activities

The animated video

The animated video was shared on 24 February 2021 on four social media platforms (YouTube, Instagram (IGTV – Instagram TV), Facebook, and Twitter).

Within a month (by 31 March 2021), there were a total of 16 postings and re-postings of the video on all four-social media platforms with a total of 36,180 views.

IGTV was the most favoured social media platform as it had 97.5% of total views and 68.7% of total video postings. The video also aired in a tertiary hospital outpatient waiting space where one collaborator was working.

The community survey

A total of 287 people participated in the community knowledge survey, with a mean score of 2.85 of 3 indicating that the majority of people were able to distinguish the different types of COVID-19 tests. Positive comments were also documented in the comments section from respective social media platforms.

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