November 6, 2017

Science in the cafe

We live in an era where the drugs we use to treat bacterial infections are no longer working effectively. This lack of treatment options for bacterial infections is a major risk for human and animal health. Bacteria have the ability to adapt to new pressures quickly and we as humans are ill-prepared to cope with the way they evolve and survive under harsh conditions.

On Thursday 09th November 2017, Professor Stephen Baker will deliver a Science in the cafe talk, “How bad bugs become resistant to good drugs”. The series is in partnership with The Old Compass Cafe and Bar, in Ho Chi Minh City.

Stephen will discuss how bacteria become resistant to antibiotics, why humans are performing the biggest microbiology experiment in history,  and what we can do as members of the public to slow down the spread and development of drug resistant bacteria.

Stephen Baker obtained his PhD from Imperial College, London in 2005 studying the genomic diversity of the Salmonellae. He is currently a Professor of Molecular Microbiology at the University of Oxford in the Nuffield Department of Medicine and a Principal Research Fellow at the University of Cambridge. Stephen has been with OUCRU since 2007. His background is in molecular microbiology and was a postdoctoral training fellow at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute. He now leads a research group that has a multifaceted approach to studying and understanding the epidemiology, genomics, and diagnostics of enteric and zoonotic infections.

Stephen is funded by a Wellcome Trust Sir Henry Dale Research Fellowship, and a Wellcome Trust strategic award. His current research is focused on understanding Shigella (a bacteria which caused severe and bloody diarrhoea in children) infections in children in Ho Chi Minh City and had additionally created an infrastructure across Vietnam to study the transfer of exotic viral pathogens from animals to humans. Additionally, Stephen is a globally recognised name in the field of typhoid fever research and contributes to work on drug resistance, genomics, molecular pathogenicity and novel diagnostic approaches to the disease.

Join us for a fascinating evening of science and medicine. Entrance tickets purchased in advance at The Old Compass Cafe and Bar: 100,000 VND

Entrance tickets at the door (if available) 150, 000VND. (Please note that this is an intimate venue and most talks sell out).


TICKETS AVAILABLE AT THE OLD COMPASS CAFE – 3rd Floor, 63/11 Pasteur St., District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. (The alley right next to Liberty Citypoint Hotel)

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