November 21, 2017

Science and stories

Medical research relies on studies on large numbers of people in order to quantify the effects of diseases, and their treatments. However each patient is an individual. How can personal stories add to this ‘hard’ scientific approach?

On Thursday 23rd November 2017, Dr Mary Chambers will deliver our 3rd Science in the Cafe talk, “Science and stories”. The series is in partnership with The Old Compass Cafe and Bar, in Ho Chi Minh City.

In this talk Mary examines the role of digital storytelling in bringing individual insights to the biomedical research table, and how this can improve the relevance and quality of scientific endeavours.

Mary will describe various methods, including film and Photovoice, which use media in a participatory way to collect people’s health stories. She will describe projects from Vietnam, Nepal and South Africa, and show examples of community-made films, their impact and some of the issues these methods have raised.

Mary Chambers has a PhD in entomology from University of Cambridge UK. She came to Vietnam 17 years ago to study mosquitoes and malaria transmission in rural areas, but has since transitioned from doing the science to telling the public about it. Mary is now Head of Public Engagement at the OUCRU, working to integrate engagement into our clinical research studies. Her team aim to build links with the wider public by working with schools, universities and adults through public events such as The Old Compass ‘Science in the Café’ series. Her team uses a number of engagement methods including art, online platforms, science festivals, digital storytelling and theatre.

This fascinating evening of science and medicine is now sold out! However, there are two more events in the series coming up: on Dec 7th (Prof Guy Thwaites)  and Jan 11th  (Prof Jeremy Day). Entrance tickets purchased in advance from the Old Compass Cafe: 100,000 VND. Tickets can only be purchased in cash at the cafe. (Please note that this is an intimate venue and most talks sell out).


TICKETS AVAILABLE AT THE OLD COMPASS CAFE – 3rd Floor, 63/11 Pasteur St., District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. (The alley right next to Liberty Citypoint Hotel)

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