Nguyen Tan Thanh Kieu

Pharmacist Nguyen Tan Thanh Kieu

Coordinator, Dengue group

After finishing the Medicine and Pharmaceutical University in 1987, Viet Nam, She worked as a pharmacist at the Convalescent Institude. After three years at the Institude she left and went to Sanofi – Synthelabo pharmaceutical Company and worked at contribution department there. In 2003 she moved to Novartis pharmaceutical and worked as administration staff in sales and marketing department. She joined OUCRU in July 2006 as a coordinator in Dengue group.

She have worked at OUCRU as a coordinator in Dengue group for more than 10 years.

Projects are joined and finished:
DR: Dengue Community study
MD: Descriptive study of mild dengue disease in children.
DF: Predictive Markers for Severe Dengue.
DENCO: Dengue case classification and Management case
06DX: Steroids in early Dengue.
22DX: Clinical evaluation of dengue and identification of risk factors for severe disease: a multicentre in 6 countries

Project is in progress:

42DX: Dengue in pregnancy
53DX: Dengue in obesity/ overweight patientPublications

5 key recent research articles:

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