January 27, 2024

12 Years of Collaboration: Wellcome Trust, OUCRU, and Universitas Indonesia Celebrate Milestone Partnership

OUCRU, Wellcome Trust, and Faculty of Medicine of Universitas Indonesia Celebrate 12 years of partnership in a ceremony in January 2024.
Director of OUCRU, Prof. Guy Thwaites (left), and Dean of FMUI, Prof. Ari Fahrial Syam (right), displaying a signed commemorative stone celebrating the 12-year partnership between OUCRU and FM UI.  

A special ceremony took place at the Faculty of Medicine Universitas Indonesia (FMUI) office on 22 January 2024 to commemorate 12 years of partnership between OUCRU and FMUI. 

During the ceremony, OUCRU Director Prof. Guy Thwaites and the Dean of FMUI, Prof. Ari Fahrial Syam, exchanged gifts and signed a commemorative stone. The stone bears the inscription: “Together we have accomplished great things and built a legacy of collaboration that will endure for years to come.”

Gift exchange between OUCRU and FMUI to commemorate the 12-year partnership. 

Also in attendance at the ceremony was OUCRU Indonesia Director Prof. Kevin Baird, Wellcome CEO Dr. John-Arne Røttingen, and Wellcome COO Dr. Paul Schreier. FMUI presented the Wellcome visitors and OUCRU with traditional Indonesian ‘gunungan’-shaped plaques, adding an Indonesian touch to the occasion. In return, OUCRU expressed their gratitude with a gift of a Vietnamese dragon statue, symbolizing the upcoming Year of the Dragon. This exchange underscores the mutual respect and shared aspirations for future collaborations.

Prof. Thwaites said, “We hope the collaboration between OUCRU and the Faculty of Medicine Universitas Indonesia continues to flourish in the years to come, fostering advancements in medical research and medical research capacity in Indonesia.”

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