Dr. Jennifer Van Nuil

Jennifer Van Nuil, PhD

Researcher in Global Health Ethics, CTU



Jennifer Ilo Van Nuil, PhD, is a medical anthropologist based at OUCRU in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), Vietnam. Jennifer is broadly concerned with the relationships between global health interventions, politics, and practice. Her main research interests include the ethnography of biomedicine, infectious diseases, global health, and social theory. Jennifer has worked on research in Rwanda for over ten years and has been working in Vietnam for the past two years. Jennifer’s main research endeavors at this time include exploring the socio-cultural context of access to medications for viral hepatitis through post-marketing clinical trials in southern Vietnam, community based participatory research with communities at risk for viral hepatitis in and around HCMC, and research surrounding the experiences of COVID-19 and the impacts of the local, national, global responses within vulnerable communities in Vietnam, Nepal and Indonesia.