Dr Jennifer Van Nuil

Social Scientist

Dr Jennifer Ilo Van Nuil, BA, MA, PhD is a medical anthropologist.

Jennifer’s expertise is in qualitative and ethnographic research and is broadly concerned with the relationships between global health interventions, politics, and practice. Her main research interests include the ethnography of biomedicine, infectious diseases, global health, and social theory. Jennifer has worked on research in Rwanda for over ten years and has worked in Vietnam for the past four years.

Current research includes exploring the socio-cultural contexts of care and treatment for underserved populations at risk for viral hepatitis in southern Vietnam; experiences of COVID-19 for healthcare workers and communities in Indonesia, Nepal, and Vietnam; perceptions of death, dying and the body in Vietnam; community attitudes and practices regarding antibiotics in northern Vietnam; and a variety of research alongside clinical trials and studies.

Before joining OUCRU, Jennifer worked with multiple non-governmental organizations (both national and international) in Rwanda. Past work includes ethnographic research with members of HIV support associations in Rwanda, acceptability research within clinical trials regarding women’s health interventions in Kigali, Rwanda, and qualitative research regarding care and treatment-seeking pathways for people with hepatitis C in Rwanda.


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DOI: 10.1080/17441692.2022.2124300
Nothando Ngwenya, Jennifer Ilo Van Nuil, Deborah Nyirenda, Mary Chambers, Phaikyeong Cheah, Janet Seeley, Primus Chi, Lindiwe Mafuleka, Busi Nkosi, Dorcas Kamuya, Alun Davies, Mira Schneiders, Noni Mumba, Siphephelo Dlamini, Vicki Marsh, Dinnah Rippon, Michael Parker, Sassy Molyneux.
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DOI: 10.12688/wellcomeopenres.17548.1
Giang Nguyen Quoc, My Nguyen Le Thao, An Bao, Ngoc Nguyen Anh, Vi Vu Thi Tuong, Diep Nguyen Thi Ngoc, Loc Phan, Thai Phan Minh, Thuy Lam Ngoc, An Nguyen Thanh, Thuan Nguyen Anh, Trang Nguyen Nguyen Nhu, Lan Nguyen Thi, Vy Nguyen Thuy Thanh, Hieu Nguyen Minh, Thuan Nguyen Minh, My Do Thuy An, Thong Nguyen Tri, Phung Tran Thi, Son Pham Hong, Ngoc Tran Thi, Anh Hoang Thai, Hanh Duong Thi My, Graham S Cooke, Mary Chambers, Jennifer Ilo Van Nuil
Front Public Health
February 9, 2022
DOI: 10.3389/fpubh.2022.795470
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