February 28, 2023

Mental Health talk series: How are we today?

“How are we today?” was a sharing session, in which guest speakers and participants shared their stories of different Covid-19 mental health-related challenges, especially during the prolonged lockdown period. The conversations also reflected on how people have coped with their mental health stress.

In addition, this event marked the launch of a new, free resource listing mental health support services available across Vietnamese communities and people living in Vietnam.

Guest speakers at the event:

  • Ngoc-Lan

She is a Vietnamese actress who has performed many stand-out roles over the past 20 years. She joined our discussion on 27 February 2022 about mental health in Covid times to share her experiences. Her latest popular characters are “Ms. Trang” in the television drama Luat Troi and “Ms. Diem” in the television drama Mat Na Guong. Ngoc-Lan has won many prizes, including Best Actress at Vietnam’s National Television Festival in 2020. We look forward to hearing her perspectives.

  • Hong-An Nguyen

He is the Director of the Psychology Program at Hoa Sen University, Vietnam. He has finished his MSc in Psychology at Massey University (New Zealand) under the New Zealand ASEAN Scholarship programme. His main focus is on the Vietnamese concept of well-being and the applications of psychotherapy to different groups.

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