Dr A. Gabriella Sudewo

Discovery Research Academy Leader – Indonesia

Dr. Gabi Sudewo is the Discovery Research Academy Leader at OUCRU Indonesia, since joining OUCRU in early 2024. The MORU-OUCRU Discovery Research Academy (MODRA) is an 18-month program to empower early to mid-career researchers in LMICs across South and Southeast Asia. For more information, please visit: modracademy.org.

Dr. Anindita Gabriella (Gabi) Sudewo (she/her) is a qualitative researcher with extensive experience of working with marginalized groups in urban and suburban settings, particularly in Indonesia. Her work to date has prioritized critical social health perspectives in enabling equal access to care for vulnerable groups that have been marginalized due to their sexual identity, substance use, sex work, and multiple disabilities.

Gabi received her PhD training and was awarded her degree in 2022 from the Kirby Institute at UNSW Sydney, with the support of an Australia Awards Scholarship from DFAT Australia. She is currently the Discovery Research Academy Leader at the Oxford University Clinical Research Unit (OUCRU) Indonesia and holds a research affiliation with Monash University Indonesia.



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