Ida Ayu Sutrisni

Social Science Research Assistant

She specializes in social science research on health, particulary on vaccines and communicable and non-communicable diseases.

Joining OUCRU Indonesia in 2020, Ida currently holds responsibilities that include preparing research ethics submissions, identifying potential research participants, managing both quantitative and qualitative data collection processes, supporting data analysis, and writing research papers.

Prior to her tenure at OUCRU Indonesia, Ida made significant contributions to immunization programs in Indonesia. In 2018, as a sub-national consultant for the Measles-Rubella vaccine campaign hired by WHO Indonesia, she engaged with a diverse range of stakeholders. Her expertise in vaccine implementation was further highlighted during her time as a vaccine officer at Clinton Health Access Initiatives in 2022, where she played a pivotal role in assisting the Ministry of Health Indonesia with the deployment of the rotavirus vaccine. Additionally, she possesses experience working as a nurse in both a private hospital and a primary health center (puskesmas).

Currently, Ida serves as a Social Science Research Assistant at OUCRU Indonesia, where she is involved in the SPEAR project. This initiative aims to explore the experiences and impact of COVID-19 on health workers and vulnerable communities in Vietnam, Nepal, and Indonesia. She is also undertaking another research project on vaccine acceptance and accessibility.



Joined OUCRU Indonesia as Social Science Research Assistant


Worked as a Technical Officer of New Vaccine Introduction in Clinton Health Access Initiatives, Jakarta-Indonesia


Worked at OUCRU Indonesia as a Research Assistant


Served as District Consultant for Measle and Rubella Immunisation Campaign at WHO


Served as a Lecturer at STIKES Mataram


Obtained Master of Health and International Development from Flinders University, South Australia


Worked as a nurse at a Primary Health Center in West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia


Worked as a nurse at Risa Sentra Medika Hospital, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia


Registered as a nurse, having been trained at STIKES YARSI Mataram


Ida Ayu Sutrisni, Aria Kekalih, Dewi Friska, Diana Timoria, Ralalicia Limato, Ragil Dien, Claus Bogh, Mary Chambers, Sonia Lewycka, Jennifer Ilo Van Nuil, Raph L Hamers; OUCRU COVID-19 Research Group
PLoS One
July 11, 2023
DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0288256
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