Ngô Phan Bảo Trân

Senior Policy Engagement Coordinator

Tran manages the activities of OUCRU policy stakeholder advisory board (OUCRU Infectious Diseases Research and Policy Discussion Forum), and provides consultation and support for research projects’ policy engagement components, facilitating communication and collaboration between OUCRU researchers and policy stakeholders. She also organises internal activities to build policy stakeholder engagement capacity for researchers, and develops an integrated database of policy-related outputs for monitoring and evaluation.

Tran has more than seven years of experience conducting project management for philanthropy and healthcare projects, liaising with international and local researchers, and engaging with key stakeholders in different sectors in Singapore and Vietnam. An awardee of the Kumho Asiana-Vietnam Scholarship & Cultural Foundation Scholarship by Kumho Asiana and the Singapore Scholarship by the Government of Singapore, she holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology (with a minor in Psychology) from the National University of Singapore.


Li Hongying, Nguyen Trang Nghiem, Lawson, Katrina, Machalaba Catherine, Ngo Phan Bao Tran, Kim Siyeun, van Doorn Rogier, Daszak, Peter.
November 2, 2023
DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.10019350
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