‘Bichara Antibiotics – a play about antimicrobial resistance’



The participatory play on antibiotics was created in 2019 to raise awareness about the issue of antibiotic resistance. The whole play was set inside the human body, and the story was about what happens when antibiotics were consumed when they were not needed. The play also covered how antibiotics were made and what their purpose was. The story of the play was written in coordination with the scientists of OUCRU Nepal along with the feedback from the community and the actors who performed the play. It was performed live thrice in the community, with a total audience of around 200 from the community. Similarly, it was showcased live in a school that around 100 students and teachers attended.

In 2021, we recorded the play, and a video on “Bichara antibiotic” was created. Since the recording of the video, it has been watched by more than 500 students, teachers, parents, elders, community health volunteers, community leaders, and others during our drug-resistant infection engagement events.

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