Food Across the Ages

‘Food Across the Ages’ was funded by Wellcome Trust for the International Engagement Award.

‘Food Across the Ages’ used case studies to examine changes in attitudes and practices towards food in Vietnam. The inter-generational pairing of community members offered a means of investigating similarities and differences that young and old may have about food.

This project explored differences and similarities in attitudes toward food across multiple generations. Objectives of the project were as below:

  • To look at inter-generation and changing attitudes and behaviour towards food in Vietnam.
  • To involve wider audiences in a public engagement (PE) project.
  • To document case studies to share with other Wellcome Trust funded research sites and internationally to raise awareness of the cultural issues about people’s relationships with food.

In cooperation with Health Education Communications Center Ho Chi Minh City, OUCRU implemented project activities with participants from Ho Chi Minh City and Mekong Delta, Vietnam.



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