Malaria Expo: fun science experiments to engage children about malaria

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Seed Awards


2015 – 2016

The objective of this project was to engage with schoolchildren in a high malaria transmission zone in North Sumatra through fun activities.

The project team aimed to raise awareness about malaria parasites and community actions to reduce transmission. They expected that high school children would be effective at sharing knowledge with their families and the wider community.

A ‘Malaria Expo’ was set up in a high school in the region of the OUCRU Indonesia ‘IMPROV’ research study. Four activities gave school children the experience of identifying malaria parasites and Anopheles mosquito larvae and adults using microscopy, watching an animation film of parasite lifecycles, recognizing malaria systems, and visiting mosquito breeding sites. Over 580 children (12-18yo) and teachers took part in these activities.

The ‘Malaria Expo’ activities were repeated during the IMPROV study dissemination meeting with health practitioners, community leaders, and policy makers from Lampung province. It was also adapted for use at a malaria photo exhibition in Jakarta, making the exhibition more participatory for visiting children. Pre and post-activity questionnaires showed that the children enjoyed the activities and improved their general knowledge about malaria transmission, but did not retain the detailed scientific information. Teachers and parents were appreciative of the activities.

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