June 14, 2023

An interesting opportunity for young people to collaborate with OUCRU

Collab Lab is a project of the Youth Science Ambassadors (YSAs) in collaboration with leading scientists from OUCRU and several universities in Ho Chi Minh City. The project aims to “normalise” scientific research on global health threats, such as infectious diseases, antibiotic resistance, and mental health, to name a few. Through this project, researchers at OUCRU and universities hope to create a space that stimulates the curiosity and desire to learn more about interesting scientific topics among young people across Vietnam.

To reach more young people from diverse academic backgrounds, Collab Lab 2023 will provide opportunities for many to join the creative team to do magic work, turning unfamiliar scientific topics into engaging animated video content that brings useful health knowledge closer to young people.

If you:

  • Are interested in science and want to spread the value of research to the community 
  • Want to work with scientists at OUCRU and universities in Ho Chi Minh City 
  • Want to learn more about public and community engagement 
  • Want to improve useful skills like graphic design, video editing, and digital marketing in the unique context of scientific research You will be able to challenge yourself in summarising published scientific research and reproduce that content into a language that is friendly to the wider public.

Join the OUCRU’s Youth Science Ambassadors and become a multi-task video publisher, taking on everything from research to content creation and graphic design. You can also experience the working environment at OUCRU, contributing to promoting the participation of Vietnamese youth in useful research!

Please fill out the application form at the following link: https://forms.gle/NRiddHxxpuM6vVaq5 

Deadline: 23:59 on 12/07/2023

If you have any questions, please contact us at ysa@oucru.org

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