June 4, 2024

OUCRU presented our community mobilisation efforts in One Health at the launch event of Media for One Health project

On 20 May in Hanoi, Dr Mary Chambers and Associate Professor Sonia Lewycka presented on One Health activities at OUCRU, highlighting the essential role of public engagement and communication with various communities in raising awareness as well as how to integrate One Health approach and climate change into infectious diseases research.

This event was part of the Media for One Health project, funded by the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs and implemented by Canal France International (CFI) in collaboration with the French Agricultural Research Centre for International Development (CIRAD).

The launch event welcomed 45 representatives from political bodies, media, international organisations, civil society, and the scientific community, including 12 journalists selected for this project.

These 12 journalists will be trained in techniques for addressing global health issues, including data mapping and use, investigative and interviewing techniques, fact-checking methods, combating fake news and misinformation, and social media management for global health issues.

The One Health concept emphasises the importance of coordinated and sustainable development among humans, animals, and the environment to achieve comprehensive planetary health. It recognises that human activities, whether direct or indirect, impact the environment and animal health, which in turn affects human health. “One Health” encourages collaboration among experts in human health, veterinary medicine, geology, and the environment to work together for the overall health of the Earth.

For more information about OUCRU’s One Health efforts, click here.

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