One Health

One Health is an integrated, unifying approach that aims to sustainably balance and optimise the health of people, animals and ecosystems.

World Health Organization

If you’re interested in our One Health work, please reach out to our team at for potential collaboration.

At the Oxford University Clinical Research Unit, we actively promote and implement the One Health concept.

Our work includes integrating the One Health approach into our infectious diseases research as well as engaging with the public and community, particularly children, parents, and relevant stakeholders.

We also collaborate with our partner experts to organise events and provide information about mental health, an integral part of overall well-being, in line with the comprehensive One Health approach.

This page will go into the details of those efforts, providing an insight into how we contribute to the global goal, achieving comprehensive health for our planet.


One Health book

A science book done by OUCRU, Bayer, and Khan Quang Do Magazine, contains interesting everyday topics, explaining difficult questions in an easy way.

A good resources to nurture science love for secondary and highschoolers.

The book is in Vietnamese.

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