Making Science Make Sense

Science Switch is part of the Making Science Make Sense project – a joint initiative implemented by Oxford University Clinical Research Unit, Bayer Vietnam, and Khăn Quàng Đỏ newspaper to support science education in Vietnam. The project desires to bring science closer to Vietnamese adolescents (aged 13-17) by engaging in attractive format.

The online population has been growing and adolescents often are the leading edge among these users. Hence, to increase their science literacy and interest, the project has been designated to connect with adolescents through online platforms, especially social media. Not only the platform but the formats that how science appears to adolescents are also important. Based on learning approaches through listening, watching, and reading, Science Switch has produced appealing media artworks such as Science comics, Science infographics, Science podcasts, and Science videos, which are expected to attract these audiences and bring them comfort while learning.

To cover science aspects of adolescents’ daily life, the chosen content direction of Science Switch is One Health and Applied Science. The project also refers to the scientific knowledge presented in school textbooks to fill in the gaps of its excitement and updates on the most recent science discoveries for young people.

However, the direct involvement of scientists and collaborative students is a significant contribution to Science Switch project. Every piece of content is written by scientists and edited by a group of collaborative students (called Science content creators or Science Stan) who have passion in science and content writing. This bolsters the accuracy, topicality and attraction of Science Switch science content.

See more content created by Science Stan at the official fanpage of the project Khoa Học Trường Học


What We Accomplished

Scientists and Doctors supported
Magazine Copies Printed
Underprivileged Children Participated
+ 5000
School Students Watched Science Performance

Project Activities

Science Media

In recent years, Science Switch has brought scientific knowledge through teenager-friendly media formats:

Science Comics

Short story format comforts students with concise science information combined with appealing graphic visuals and trendy online slangs for better learning experience.

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Science Podcasts

Digital radio format encourages students to learn science in a storytelling way that they can feel much closer and more relevant. 

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Science Infographics

Digital illustration visual format attracts students by simplifying and beautifying scientific elements, which can motivate students to learn about.

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Science Videos

Illustration video format helps students learn scientific explanations through cartoon-inspired content and visuals.

Watch Science Videos (in Vietnamese) here #1 #2

Science Contest

“Friends of Science” contest was an activity belonging to Science Switch project, which was jointly conducted by OUCRU, Bayer Vietnam, and the Khăn Quàng Đỏ Newspaper. This was a playground for students to practice and present their creativity and scientific skills. Candidates would be provided with topics to choose from and present in creative forms. The Top 10 contestants would be guided and consulted by the experts to strengthen their artwork. After the final adjustment, 10 contests would be posted on the Khăn Quàng Đỏ fanpage for the audience to vote. These 10 contents would be selected as the presentation content in the Science Exhibition of the project.
The juries:

Top 3 winners

1st winner

Phan Đức Mạnh

1st runner-up

Nguyễn Thị Bích Thảo

2nd runner-up

Nguyễn Đoàn Thanh Thảo

Science Events

Meet the Scientists

Science Switch has organised science events at school for students, which are called “Meet the Scientists”. The project aims to increase students’ science interest and scientific knowledge by creating more meet-ups between scientists and students with more fun science activities. 

This book, edited by young collaborators, written by a team of over 20 scientists from various fields, provides scientific explanations about the human body, everyday life, animals and plants, medical discoveries and inventions, and the One Health Concept. It aims to inspire young readers to protect the environment, animals, and their own health.

Science Tour

There will be a tour of science events organised at secondary schools to bring science closer to students by lively scientific performances. Go along with the events, science books will be gifted to students.  
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One Health book

A science book done by OUCRU, Bayer, and Khan Quang Do Magazine, contains interesting everyday topics, explaining difficult questions in an easy way.

A good resources to nurture science love for secondary and highschoolers

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