June 4, 2024

OUCRU welcomed ASEAN Social Impact Program students for a Science Visit 

On 31st May, the Public and Community Engagement Group at OUCRU re-launched the Science Visit project. This event saw 25 enthusiastic students from Vietnam, Brunei, Singapore, the Phillipines, and Cambodia. This student group is a part of the ASEAN Social Impact Program (ASIP), visit OUCRU. They joined a lab tour and participated in several group games centered around the clinical trials process.

These engaging activities broadened the students’ perspectives and understanding of research in Vietnam, specifically clinical trials. The lab facilities and dynamic working environment at OUCRU also left a strong impression.

Funded by USAID under the partnership with Fulbright University Vietnam, ASEAN Social Impact Program is an annual initiative that aims to equip young changemakers with necessary knowledge, skills, and resources to tackle social issues in line with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. In 2024, the program will mainly focus on the theme of “Good Health & Wellbeing”.

The Science Visit project, initiated in 2017, is an initiative of OUCRU’s Public and Community Engagement Group. Its aim is to inspire and engage school students in OUCRU’s scientific work, fostering a lifelong appreciation for research. During these visits, students are given a glimpse into real scientific labs and participate in engaging activities that provide insight into the work and lives of biomedical scientists.

The Science Visit also offers opportunities for OUCRU researchers to enhance their science communication skills by discussing their work with students through participatory methods.

Since 2017, we have engaged more than 160 young people, including college and secondary students, and 16 OUCRU researchers. After a brief hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Science Visit has resumed, welcoming eager young individuals to immerse themselves in a science-focused environment.

Find out more about the Science Visit here.

If you wish to nominate your school or club to participate in a Science Visit, please contact the Public and Community Engagement Group at publicengagement@oucru.org.

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