CTU_Le Phuong Chi

Lê Phương Chi

Research Assistant

Chi has been working as the social science research assistant in the RESHAPE project – Research in humans: attitudes and perceptions, with two main components: LEAF study and SEED study.

The RESHAPE project aims to engage with local senior stakeholders with a wide range of expertise (LEAF study) and young generations of Vietnamese society (SEED study) to explore their perceptions and views on clinical and public health aspects with a focus on dengue research.



Joined OUCRU


Master’s degree in Public Health from Umea University, Sweden.


Kestelyn E, Le Phuong C, Ilo Van Nuil J, Dong Thi HT, Minh Nguyen N, Dinh The T, Chambers M, Simmons CP, Nguyen Trong T, Nguyen The D, Phuong LT, Do Van D, Duc Anh D, Nguyen Van VC, Baker S, Wills B; OUCRU Controlled Human Infection Models workshop and focus group participants
Wellcome Open Res
September 25, 2019
DOI: 10.12688/wellcomeopenres.15337.1
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