Ronald Geskus

Associate Professor Ronald Geskus

Head of Biostatistics Group

Dr Geskus’s research interests include: i) models for complex time-to-event data (competing risks, multi-state models), ii) models for complex longitudinal data, iii) prediction based on time-updated marker values, iv) causal inference, v) infectious diseases, vi) graphics design and principles of data visualisation.

Before joining OUCRU, he worked as a senior statistician at the public health service of Amsterdam. There, he specialised in the analysis of data that are collected in cohort studies, i.c. The Amsterdam Cohort Studies on HIV infection and AIDS. He was involved in many studies on infectious diseases, especially those that are transmitted via sexual contact. Besides, he worked in several (medical) statistical research groups in the Netherlands, most notably in the academic medical centre in Amsterdam.

Ronald Geskus: Sophisticated biostatistics for complex clinical research from NDM Oxford on Vimeo.




Joined OUCRU

Became an Associate Professor at the University of Oxford.


Obtained his PhD in mathematical statistics


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