Summita Udas

Summita Udas

Public Engagement Officer

Summita Udas is a passionate, innovative, solution-focused public and community engagement practitioner.

She is a qualitative research lead in Antimicrobial Resistance and FIND Study (The Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics).

Before joining OUCRU, Summita served as a teaching assistant and residential coordinator at CNSP for five years. CNSP is a collaborative program of Cornell University and Tribhuvan University. Undergraduate & graduate students & research scholars from Nepal & different schools in the US live & work together.



Joined OUCRU


Master’s Degree in Anthropology


Carlo Perrone, William Schilling, James J. Callery, Elizabeth A. Ashley, Mary Chambers, Hannah Chase, Piyush Dahal, Nipaphan Kanthawang, Supalert Nedsuwan, Borimas Hanboonkunupakarn, Daranee Intralawan, Abhilasha Karkey, Mayfong Mayxay, Vimalay Souvong, Hien Tran Minh, Summita Udas Shakya, Sanjib Kumar Sharma, Surendra Uranw, Souphaphone Vannachione, Charles Woodrow, Nicholas J White, Phaik Yeong Cheah
Wellcome Open Res
December 1, 2022
DOI: 10.12688/wellcomeopenres.16880.3
Alun Davies; Phaik Yeong Cheah; Abhilasha Karkey; Samson Kinyanjui; Thanh Vu Duy; Supa-at Asarath; Aashata Dahal; Sabina Dongol; Alex Hinga; Nassim Jahangir; Emmanuel Mwakera; Giang Nguyen Le Thai; Yen Nguyen Hoang; Tassawan Poomchaichote; Ravikanya Praphasavat; Huyen Tran Thi Thanh; Summita Udas Shakya; Giao Vu Thi Quynh; Mary Chambers
November 16, 2021
DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.5704104
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