Tales of typhoid

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An animated video to explain typhoid in a culturally appropriate setting. The video has gotten positive feedback from the viewers including students, teachers, and others.

Typhoid is an important public health problem prevalent in developing countries including Nepal. OUCRU-NP, since its inception in 2003, has mainly focused its research work on it. Through various activities like science café and science theatre, the public and community engagement team at OUCRU-NP has been engaging with the public on different water-borne diseases to interact and inform the public about the diseases.

However, Information, Education, and Communication (IEC) materials, specifically about typhoid for the Nepali population are sparse. From the team’s own experience, conducting public engagement activities is difficult due to a lack of IEC material. Our project proposed the development of an animation video, “Tales of Typhoid”, revolving around a Nepali character, Prem’ a 6 year- old, who has symptoms of typhoid fever. With the conversation with the doctor, the video explains the modes of transmission, signs and symptoms, and prevention and treatment of typhoid in a culturally appropriate setting. The 7 minutes video is in Nepali and has English subtitles to be accessible to an international audience also. The video has been uploaded to OUCRU’s YouTube channel. “Tales of Typhoid” has been used during engagement events in the community and schools, and has received positive feedback from the students, teachers, and from other participants.

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