Dr Phạm Ngọc Thanh

Dr Phạm Ngọc Thanh

Psychology Advisor

I graduated from Saigon Medical Faculty in 1973 as a medical doctor, worked as a pediatrician, a head of the Gastroenterology, Outpatient, and Clinical Psychology departments for 50 years, and a child psychologist for more than 20 years at the Children’s Hospital No.1, and as a psychological advisor at OUCRU since November 2012.

At OUCRU, I was a member of the EVI team in two pieces of research on neurological development of children infected with Enterovirus 71 using the Baley Scales Infant and Toddler development adapted to Vietnamese children. Then I became a member of the PCE team in 2012 involving research on Beyond the Hospital and a survey on the mental health of the staff at HTD and training of communication skills for HTD staff. I participated in writing an Emotional booklet for discharged patients suffering from infections of the central nervous system and a Directory of Services for Caring for Mental Health and Wellbeing of people living in Vietnam.



Bayley III in Vietnamese children: lessons for cross-cultural comparisons


Survey on the mental health of health workers in the Hospital of Tropical Diseases, Ho Chi Minh city


Do CHT, Kruse AY, Wills B, Sabanathan S, Clapham H, Pedersen FK, Pham TN, Vu PM, Børresen ML
Arch Dis Child
July 12, 2019
DOI: 10.1136/archdischild-2019-316967
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