June 12, 2024

Stress Management, an essential skill for healthcare workers

In the high-pressure, high-stakes field of healthcare, effective stress management is critical. It’s essential for maintaining the health and wellbeing of healthcare workers, as well as ensuring high-quality patient care.

According to the statistics of the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Health, in 2021, the number of healthcare workers who quit was 968 people. In 2022, it increased to 1,523 people. In the first 7 months of 2023, Ho Chi Minh City recorded 547 healthcare officials quitting. Of these, there were more than 200 doctors, 239 nurses, and also midwives, nurses, medical technicians.(*)

Those suffering from mental illnesses, usually do not dare to boldly tell others that they are encountering mental or stress, anxiety issues; stated by Dr Pham Ngoc Thanh.

In the past, when working at hospitals, I often saw healthcare workers quietly quit if they suffered from mental illnesses, stress, or tension. […] The reasons they usually said were stomach, heart, or head diseases… not because of mental-related issues.”

Dr Pham Ngoc Thanh

To have a deeper look at this issue, on 22nd June, OUCRU and Medisetter, an online health community for health professionals in Vietnam, will organise a webinar on “Stress Management”.

In this webinar, we’ll delve into strategies and techniques specifically designed for the unique challenges healthcare professionals face daily. Whether it’s dealing with long hours, emotionally charged situations, or life-altering decisions, we understand the burden our healthcare workers carry, and we’re here to help.

The seminar will explore practical coping mechanisms and self-care methods, based on the latest research and expert insights. Our goal is to provide actionable insights and tools that will empower healthcare workers to manage stress with resilience, balance, and grace. We believe these tools will help them thrive in their demanding roles.

The webinar will feature two speakers from OUCRU’s Public and Community Engagement group:

  • Dr Pham Ngoc Thanh, former Head of the Psychology Department at Children’s Hospital 1 in Ho Chi Minh City, now a Psychology Advisor.
  • Mr Nguyen Quoc Giang, MS of Social Work from the Asian Social Institute in the Philippines, now a Project Coordinator for the Healthcare Worker Capacity Building Programme.

This webinar is part of a long-term partnership between OUCRU’s Public and Community Engagement Group and Medisetter, aiming to provide ongoing support for healthcare workers. This includes capacity building through training programmes, professional and mental support through various activities such as organising online and in-person events, consultations, and managing CONNECT, a hub on The Global Health Network, designed specifically to support healthcare workers, especially in a research support context.

The webinar will be conducted online via Zoom, in Vietnamese.

Help us spread the word and register here.

(*) Source: https://thanhnien.vn/ly-do-khien-nhan-vien-y-te-nghi-viec-185231208172915629.htm

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