Healthcare Worker Capacity Strengthening

Enhance the communication capacity of healthcare workers to improve care and health outcome of patients and communities.

Healthcare workers (HCWs) often work in a challenging and stressful environment. Many of the complaints against HCWs relate to poor communication, and much of the stress and anxiety felt by health professionals is reportedly due to difficulties in dealing with patients and their families. HCWs may not have the skills or time to communicate well with patients or communities.

Aims of the programme:

  • HCWs have better communication skills to deal with complex situations and support patients and their families or rural communities.
  • HCWs are better able to share health information with patients/communities.
  • HCWs are better supported to prevent or alleviate their own stress and anxiety.

Key activities

Building Capacity for Social Work Department at Hospital for Tropical Diseases

A series of training for healthcare workers was conducted at the hospital, covering several topics such as:
  • Skills to help HCWs to communicate better with their patients and carers
  • Group facilitation skills to help HCWs organise their community activities
  • Ways and support to help HCWs deal with stress at work and in life

Partner with hospitals and international communities


2020 – now

From the success of the pilot programme at the Hospital for Tropical Diseases in Ho Chi Minh City, the Research Enrichment programme team of the Public and Community Engagement department, OUCRU developed more materials to expand the training sessions to other partnered hospitals such as the Hanoi Maternity Hospital.

We also disseminate training materials to the international healthcare worker communities via CONNECT, a knowledge hub on The Global Health Network.

Capacity strengthening for frontline vaccine workers, Dak Lak


UK in Vietnam

We are collaborating with Dak Lak Center for Disease Control to build a sustainable training curriculum that can be applied in other provinces in Vietnam. Read more.

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