Engagement to Support Vaccination Programmes and Vaccine Trials

We work with healthcare workers and community members to understand and develop solutions to barriers to the uptake of key childhood vaccines (Essential Programme of Immunisation). This includes ensuring that health workers are well equipped and confident to address community concerns with accurate and clear information. Engagement has also been integral to large-scale vaccine trials such as the Typhoid Vaccine Trial in Nepal, which has led to licensing of a new vaccine and a national programme of immunisation that is saving many lives. During the Covid-19 pandemic we took a lead in sharing accurate information on social media on the new Covid-19 vaccines with the public, responding to concerns that we monitored in each of the countries in which we work. Find out more below.

How vaccines protect our body?

An infographic video about vaccines: how they work, why we should be vaccinated, and so on. This video belongs to Science Switch, a project by and for young people, supported by the School and Youth Engagement programme, Public and Community Engagement department, OUCRU Vietnam.

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